Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Book Of Shadow`s Part 1

Recently I borrowed a wonderful book off one of my kiddy pinkles and her mum from Kids Club.

The book was called The Book Of Shadow's. As you can guess by the name its a book of Witchcraft.

The book itself was fantastic really old looking bit like something out of Harry Potter.

Inside the pages looked old the tea stained pages added to the effect of the book. To make old looking pages all you need is white paper and a used tea bag. Rub the tea bag over the paper. This causes it to stain leaving an oldy worldly effect. Some people slightly burn the edging of the paper, young children need a grown up to help them with this task as using a naked flame can be very dangerous.

Back to the book. This is no ordinary book it cost a vast amount of money to buy. The whole look and aura of this book is fascinating.

It starts with the words :

Hear now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night.

The oldest of Gods are invoked here. The great work of magic is sought. In this time and in this hour. I call upon the ancient power Bring your powers to we sisters three !
We want the power !
Give us the power !

The book goes on to tell the story of Melinda Warren who left England and arrived in America in 1656.  She had special powers. Her lover discovered her powers, then Matthew Tate the man who supposedly loved her betrayed her to the towns people.  He was said to be a warlock. Melinda cursed him. She was tried for witchcraft and found guilty. She was sentenced to burn at the stake a sentence that had never been given before.
Her last words were " you may kill me but you cannot kill my kind.With each generation the Warren Witches will grow stronger and stronger until at last three sisters will arrive. Together these three witches will be protectors of the innocent and known as the Charmed Ones. "


The wendigo is a non dead creature that roams the earth destroying the good hearted and those in love. His fate is to wander the Earth feasting on human hearts.

To find a lost love
Witcher my love
Wherever you be
Through time
And space
Take my heart
Nearer to thee.


is a demon who wanders the earth feeding on souls in great pain.
Hunting only at night this Demon uses her voice as a high pitched call to locate a victim by hearing the inner cry.
She does this by zeroing in on the waves of pain that emanate from the stricken.
A banshee then elevates her call into a scream so powerful it kills those she targets.


The piercing cry
That feeds on pain
And Leaves more
Sorrow than it gains
Shall now be heard 
By one who seeks
To stop the havoc 
That it Wreaks


For those who want the truth revealed,
Open hearts and secrets unsealed,
From now until its now again,
After which the memory ends.

Those who now are in this house,
Will hear the truth from other's mouths.

Handfasting is the eternal joining of two people in love.
It is a sacred ceremony of commitiment presided over by a High Priestess.
Best performed at sunrise or sunset. Where both the sun and the moon are present in the joining of the two lovers.

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