Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Randy Pants : Mr Jingles Has Fallen In Love

Well if you like Thelwell you will love Mr Jingles these photographs were taken a week before the snow arrived. Mr Jingles in no doubt should have been born a pig as he loves nothing better than to wallow in mud.
He is such a little character with his long thick main which hangs far down his neck and a fluffy forelock  making it hard to see. He has a fallen crest his neck is huge showing he in now an aged stallion of 20 years old. We have had Mr Jingles for near 15 years we got him as he was unwanted due to his condition. Sadly Mr Jingles has club feet to his hind legs making one foot in particular very twisted. Jingles can not be rode but he loves coming for a walk when his legs allow him  he is more like a pet dog than a pony. Like any pony Mr Jingles is registered has a passport and is fully micro chipped. Over the last couple of years a few more horses have come to live in the village. Jingle has never lived with other horses he has always been with sheep and cows before we had him. He still shares his field with the odd sheep we have a few around us that would give the horses in the Grand National a run for their money with the way they can leap the fences. There is one horse Mr Jingle really like she is a mare over three times bigger than him. This never fails to stop him dragging me to her field every time he  goes for a walk. He sure does love this mare.  At least he has not dissed his mum I still get a kiss off him when I ask. LOL .
Below are some shops of a mad little pony with a huge heart.

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