Friday, March 22, 2013

The Moat Spa

Wow Wow, what can I say  Yes I won another competition. This time is was for a never forgettable pamper day at the Moat Spa in Ruthin North Wales. We headed off early for a day of being pampered. On arrival we were given robes and a towel and shown around. The day included treatments, use of the thermal room and lunch. 
Firstly we were given a Welsh sea salt foot scrub. This was a bit of luxury, our feet were placed in copper bowls with warm salt water. The beautician gently took each foot kneading and gently scrubbing the whole of the foot and the lower leg. Each leg was done in turn afterwards they felt so soft it was bliss. Next we were shown to a room which was darken down with candle light and filled with achromatic smells to help you drift away into complete relaxation.
A lavender pillow was place under your head and a eye mask was applied. you could do nothing but listen to the music and relax. The massage began it lasted 60 Min's in which time both backs and fronts of legs arms head neck and back were totally send into another world with the oils and tension release method the beautician used it was a place I had never been before total body relaxation. The tension was drive to my neck which I found difficult to move for a short while. Once finished we were left to relax and chill for a while. It was just wonderful. 
We then had a chance to chill out in the relaxation room, which was kitted out with couches and beds soft music played in the background. It was a place to just drift and be at peace with the world. Next it was time to used the thermal suite. Before entering we decided to have our lunch. 
The food was delicious, of course this was a free lunch but I did manage to get a glimpse at the menu and the prices and they were very reasonable. Served with our lunch we had a glass of bubbly champagne a long flute of the stuff. By now Helen and I were a little worse for wear it only takes one with us. Once finished we headed to the thermal suite.
This was a really warm room with three tubs, a steam room and sauna. The tubs consisted of 1 cold water which we did not go near. That does not seem like a pleasurable thing to sit in. It was a definite now from both of us. The other two tubs were nice and warm one a bit warmer than the other. We had a great time amongst the bubbles in these pools. the bubbles felt great hitting and stimulating the muscles with in your body.We hoped from one tub to the other then into the steam room and the sauna. Having asthma I was told to take care but I do believe they help clear the airways not restrict it. Both these rooms felt great. The warmth on my bones was wonderful. 
The day was wonderful and I do believe it did me and Helen the world of good. We have vowed to go again and treat ourselves. It was a such a wonderful relaxing day, she says with a smile. 

what we had each ;-
1/ sea salt foot massage price not stated
2/ an unwind massage £65 for 60 mins Each 
3/ lunch £8.95 Each
4/ large glass of champagne price not stated
5/ use of the thermal room pools, sauna, steam room price not stated

This was a fantastic prize which both Helen and I really enjoyed in all it was well over £100 pampering for each of us. Thank You to the Advertizer Newspaper for picking me.

The Moat Spa  
Ruthin Castle
North Wales 
LL15 2NU

I would recommend  a spa holiday or short break here any day.

Tel 01824 702 664
email -  

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