Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Memory Of Daniel

Recently both Aaron and I have set up a new facebook group. The group is in memory of Daniel to mark the 4Th anniversary of his sad death this Christmas / New Year.!/groups/inmemoryofdaniel/ this is the link to the group.

We decided to set this group up quite some time ago and bring his fund back to life to help to enable us to raise money in Daniel`s memory. His fund has laid dormant since his death.

Aaron has raised money this year for Clywd Special Riding Centre in Daniels memory there is a photo on the new facebook group page. He raised the money along with his class mates. We also sponsor two RDA ponies Teddy & Homer. Daniel rode both of these lovely ponies they gave him hours of fun.

The fund I set up for Daniel was unique. With it being for a single child it wasn't classed as a charity it was a trust. From when Daniel was around 1 - 2 yrs old I realised for us to enable Daniel to live life to the full we needed extra funding. I wasn't happy asking people for money although i did receive many donations over the years from people who adored Daniel. So I opened a shop to raise money, ran stalls and also opened an EBay shop. This was done through a separate business from the fund which I still own today. In fact this business helped me focus when Daniel died it kept me going, alive in fact. In time I new I had to change the name of the business to separate it entirely form the fund. It was heartbreaking but I eventually did it changing from Daniels Trust Fund to Penybont Stores

facebook page!/pages/Penybont-Stores/193905603969281

The business today is still thriving but now earns me a living. I love the job I do, selling some lovely items that come into my shops making people happy. The shops are now on eBay and facebook. I also have selective web sites advertising what I do and some of the things we sell including selective craft. Some of the craft is unique to our shops. The shop on Daniels Web Site is no longer in use as it would be inappropriate to sell things under the fund name.

The aim of the new group is to connect people with any type of special needs or disability. The group in time will offer help advice and support. It is also for people to express there own experiences of having lived with disability / special needs. It is also for special people themselves.

I also intend to either create a blog or web site to run along side the group to collect information and use it as a data base filled with links and story's about special people.
The group is going to be run by myself and Aaron but I will add appropriate people as admins who can offer specialist advice.

We also intend to fund raise and give the money we raise away to selected Charity's.

Since setting up this page only a few days ago I would like to thanks all who have joined and offered their support. I have also received some lovely texts and messages form people. I no I have so many wonderful friends and family around use. We have a fantastic support network. Thank you to to the Shropshire Star who have been so helpful in the past and have offered support in my present quest.
We get on with everybody with the exception of one or two people, who still try to hurt us. As many of my friends tell us I have been far to trusting over the years offering support to people who stab you in the back and tell such terrible lies, well the door is now closed and will stay that way. Sometimes you need to close door on people who are intend on hurting you. Its such a shame as I haven't a wicked bone in my body and try to see good in everyone but unfortunately people don't think the same as I do, they take advantage of my good nature.

I am writing a book which will take me a long time to do it covers most of the traumatic experiences my family and I have been through throughout our lives. I am hoping this book will help those effected by disability, abuse, trauma and bereavement.

Anyway everyone is welcome to join our new group in memory of Daniel No One is excluded please feel free to write on the group wall anything that may be helpful to others.

In Memory Of Daniel Mchugh He may be gone but never forgotten !

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