Friday, December 9, 2011

Simon`s 50th Birthday : COLDPLAY

Its official Simon has reached the big 50 although he defiantly dosen`t look it ! The day before all the family went out for a meal at Montford Bridge. We all had a lovely time after the meal all the boys played pool whilst the grannies sat around a huge hearth decorated with Christmas garland. A huge log fire it was so very cosy. Of course the grannies all gossiped my mum, Simon`s mum and Simon`s Ex mother in law who is a very lovely lady.
I new all lad`s had a surprise for Simon Nathan and I had cooked it up over the last few months. During the afternoon Simon was presented with tickets for one of his favourite band`s COLDPLAY. Wow his face was a picture a big smile across his face. They has also collected £200 for him to spend. Aaron and the boys also played football outside. It was a enjoyable afternoon had by all.


Well what can I say this show was absolutely fantastic. We headed to Manchester late in the afternoon. After parking up we headed for some supper. On the way into the concert we were all given wristbands ? Later in the show as the lights dimmed we found out why ? The whole arena lite up with little different coloured lights all around it was a fantastic sight. Simon and I rocked and boogied in the isles. It was quite incredible and we would recommend their concerts to everyone. The support act was Marina & the Diamonds. The lead singer was quite a character reminding me of Bjork. Below are some of the photo`s we took at the concert.

Simon - After a shock week we celebrated Simon`s birthday. Earlier in the week we found out the sad news that Simon`s cancer has been found in his liver. It is early days yet but we are hopeful for the future there are a range of treatments available. Simon at present is bright and well although he has the occasional days were he feels no so good and he is still very restricted with day to day activities. We are all as a family going to make the most of our future together. Since meeting Simon we have shared so many memories to date with many more to come Cancer will not stop us. He is such a lovely man and certainly does not deserve what is happening to him. Thank you to everyone who sent Simon cards and birthday wishes. He is loved not just by me but all my family and friends as well as his own.

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