Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alton Towers

Recently thanks to the sun newspaper we had FREE tickets to go to Alton Towers. With it being winter and Halloween and Bonfire night over, the place was not busy at all. Aaron and I had a fantastic time going on all the fast and furious rides. Including Sonic, Rita & Thirteen. It was back to my second childhood for the day. Also a quest to see who would chicken out first !
We went on loads of rides and visited the new aquarium, here Aaron had his hands cleaned by the shrimps they were very interested in his paws ?? wonder why ??
It wasn't such a chilly day but more a little drizzly but who care`s we were soaked form the water rides anyway.

The ride above " The Runaway Train " was one of Daniel`s favourites. He would refuse to get off this ride once on it. Memory`s flooded back to the last time we visited here with Daniel. The lady running the ride kept the front two carriages free for myself and the boys. Daniel went around the track many time that day every time we went passed the lady in the over head box running the ride she would shout choo chooo Daniel screamed with delight he was a real party animal.

Other visits to Alton Towers have tainted memories I stayed up there one year and met the boys dad who was driving one of the buses from our area along with another bus driven by is work colleague and a friend of his at the time Mike Hanwright.
After obtaining the passes we all walked around together. Whilst we took the boys on the rides Mike looked after the wheelchair and all the extra things I had to carry for young Dan.
During this visited we met the tweenies well Daniel was ecstatic he went hysterical he loved the tweenies. As all of us including Mike sat watching the show Daniel called out every one of the tweenies names. He then continued to shout the weenies. Remember this was a child who only communicated via makaton sign most of the time. Tears flooded from my eyes as I watched and listened to the sounds of delight comes from my wonderful little boy. I still have the photo of Daniel with the tweenies from that day it is now framed and takes pride of place on my bedroom bookshelf.

We had a great laugh walking through the haunted forest. We played the part for Simon as he took lots of photo`s of us messing about with his high tech camera. There seemed to be unearthly creatures around every corner ? Simon enjoyed himself watching me hollla on the rides that day, unfortunately he isn't allowed on the rides due to his condition. By the end of the day both Aaron and I were soaked and absolutely knacked we managed to ride on most of the rides. What a great day !

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