Saturday, December 10, 2011

Romantic Christmas @ Powis Castle

Whilst Aaron was out with the army cadets recently serving Christmas lunches, Simon and I visited Powis Castle. It was so romantic especially being this time of year.
We were so lucky to witness the castles deer they were out in the paddocks adjoining the castle walls.
We sat for a while watching the deer grazing what was left of the winter grass.

Afterwards we went on a special Christmas tour of the Castle with a guide. The Castle was decorated as if it was a Victorian Christmas time. Absolutely wonderful.
We were told many story's from Victorian times. We were even taken to the maze of cellars beneath the castle were all the wines and beers were brewed on site. Simon and I really enjoyed it.
After the tour we headed off to the Castle tea room were we sat down to a lovely Christmas lunch.
We had such a romantic time. Later we went to pick up Aaron who had also had a wonderful time with his army pals and a free Christmas lunch. He looks so smart in his army uniform. He is so proud to be a young soldier. He spends hours polishing his boots and ironing his uniform to perfection.

Recently he also got his Shark level 2 in life saving. His interim report from school was fantastic 13 A,s and 1 B. Although he has had a rough time in his personal life of late he still did so very well. He has his own mind and will not be brought down by being bullied. Aaron can now speak in Welsh, French and Spanish. I am so very proud of him, I think his achievements deserve an extra special Christmas present this year.  Don't You !

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