Thursday, December 29, 2011

Harry Tuffins

This little might as been at Tuffins for years  

Above & Below  a gorgeous black swan
this goat fancied Simon it would not take its eyes off him 

the kids at school 

Aaron having a munch 

Gosh you taste nice 

Nana Dotty + Nana Buckley  they have just had their tea !
Recently we took a trip to the car boot and market at Harry Tuffins Churchstoke. We had a wander around buying a few odds and ends. I was amazed how much the place had changed. 
Simon was purchasing some game`s for Aaron from the car boot. 
Whilst he was doing this Aaron and I headed to look at the animal's. They were lovely so very friendly. We wandered amongst the pens. The pigs were lovely especially the little one who had escaped it pen and was munching away on the grass verge. 
Simon came to join us so we took a second look. After our wander around we headed into the cafe. Here we had a cuppa. The next stop was a trip around the store. It was a lovely morning out, we will have to visit again soon.

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