Saturday, December 24, 2011

It`s Christmas !

It`s  Christmas 
There`s not a day that goes by when I don't think of you. There will never be a Christmas again in my life time that will ever be the same again. You loss is still so painful for us all.
As we can`t give you presents Aaron and I have decided to do something special for you. 
We have built you a website which will carry many links to help people like you. We have told the story of your big brother ( who you are now playing with in Heaven )  We have also included your special friends Matthew and Ayesha who are also up there with you. You are all properly having a great time partying with the Angles, but then again you all are our Angles.
We miss you everyday Daniel but I also no you are close by. You have ways of letting us no your around.
Your new web site is  @

Remember the site is still under construction !   We have also started to tell Story`s about you if you look to the right on the blog you will see a box named Our Angles. Our special memories of you will be shown on there they will include photographs never published before. Also on your new web site we will have a special page for your friends to share their own special memories of you. I have quite a few to list up to now. 
Your facebook group has grown we now have over 650 members. Thank you to everyone who has joined we are so happy Daniel has never been forgotten.  Here is the link     please feel free to join all welcome. 

Aaron has also received donations in your memory as he still would like to raise money in your memory for your beloved RDA ponies Teddy and Homer.
Anyway Daniel and Baby Callum both Aaron and I wish you a very Happy Christmas wherever you may be. We love and miss you both so very much. We hope your having fun partying with the Angels. God Bless our boys xxxx

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