Friday, December 9, 2011

Steel Panther / Motley Creu & DEF LEPPARD Live Rock Night

Recently we went to a wonderful rock concert, Def Leppard have been my hero`s since I was a teenager. They were the stars of the show on their mirror ball worldwide tour.

Another famous rock band was also on stage Motley Crue. These were brilliant too. Tommy Lee`s drum set did 360 degree`s an amazing set up. Tommy Lee on the Rotating Drums Roller Coaster Drum Set

Well what can I say about these guys well think Simon & I sat with our mouths open in shock at their behavior. But we also had a good giggle. They sure got your attention with their antics. Joe Elliots website down n outz

Joe Elliot was my idol as a teenager. I adored him. Joe Elliot is the lead singer of Def Leppard. To see my idol on stage after all these years was fab.

I loved this concert and spent most of it out of my seat dancing in the stairways to the songs I love Pour Some Sugar On Me, Rock Of Ages, Hysteria, Animal and many many more. What a fab night we had. LOVED IT !

above and below Joe Elliot in his younger days and above him now.

Also below are some of the photo,s from the concert !!!!!!

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