Sunday, January 8, 2012


As  part of our Christmas present we flew off New Years Eve to Tenerife. 
New Years Eve is a very difficult time for us as a family, due to our beloved Daniel losing his fight for life, as we flew in the sky`s on that afternoon I new he was with us, as he always is. It may sound completely mad but I no both the boys are around us I can actually smell them.  

I am comfortable when I think of  Daniel  as I no I did everything in my power to help him achieve all he could in his short life. He visited many places home and abroad. I sleep easy knowing I never let him down and was there for him always.

As the plane takes off I always smile now instead of flooding the planes in tears, I remember those words the fly flys and how Daniel would shake with joy and excitment when the plane was taking off the the sound of the engines blasted into a roar he loved it.
 I wish though he had lived many more years so he could experience much more in life I had so many plans so many things I wanted for him we now do them in his memory. But like I say he is always around us and always with us .
We landed in Tenerife well before midnight. The hotel we stayed at was wonderful as you can see from the photo`s below. We had spectacular views across the Atlantic Ocean. We found a glorious Irish Pub which we spend a few hours in before heading back I do not do midnight as it feels very wrong to celebrate at this time I just treat it as another day. New Year in my eyes does not  exist any more.

The next few days were to be very memorable as you will see from my forth coming blogs. The weather was very hot and sunny. It was also very weird as my good friend Ann Marie who have known for many years was on the other side of the Island. Life is treating us well at the moment and we intend over the next year to make some fantastic memories of our time together as a family.  

Welcome to Tenerife !!!!!  :-)

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