Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wind On The Landing : Haunted House Tale

There is often strange happenings here at Penybont, the other night was no exception. Do you believe in ghosts and the ghostly goings on. Spooks that go bump in the night?  Well I do form past experience there is something beyond the life we have now.
It was before midnight this time getting ready for bed I headed along the long landing towards the bathroom, It,s a long landing, walking along just past the door of Aaron`s bedroom there was a sudden rush of wind. It was a cold wind that flew past my face blowing my hair up slightly as it past. You may think this could be just a fluke, wind from an open window? Trouble is there is no window upon  the landing. the bathroom window was shut and the door to the end bedroom closed and all the window`s closed. So where did it come from.?  I wind past freely it was a similar type of experience you see on the television when someone is about to be possessed like you see on Scooby Doo.
Some of you may thing of me as crazy but this did happen. The wind rushed passed me. I have spoken to Aaron about what happened. Like we talk when ornaments move from one place to another or fly off shelves passed other objects without reason.
We also talk of the visits we have in the night sometimes in dreams or sometimes when were awake. How a sense tells us there is something there.
I believe these little spooky unexplained experiences are little messages of our dear departed. Messages from the other side those we lose telling us here on the living plane that after crossing over they are OK and not to worry.
Over the years there has been so many strange things that happen it just can not be fluke. I nor Aaron never feel afraid its the living that hurt you not the dead. Well we can make an exception when it comes to Zombies but these are not real remember that.
I love having these weird unexplained phenomena experiences as they give me comfort, they also make me smile as we on this earth plane are not alone the mischievous spirits are always around us.
Aaron once took a photograph of the front of our home  in his I pod. The picture was littered with what looked like faces in all the front window. It was really creepy sadly his I pod crashed and we lost it. It was real also not the first time I have picked up strange mysterious unexplained objects, faces and weird stuff on the lens of my camera.
There is only one place the spooky experiences scared me and that  was at the haunted barn I did write a story about it on my blog. Link Below

Anyhow time for work. I will tell you one last thing I for one do not have a problem living in a haunted house your never lonely and your never alone.

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