Saturday, June 1, 2013

Searching For Bluebells Chirk Castle

Recently we went on a walk.  We decided we would go in search of Bluebells. These are very pretty purple blue lavender coloured flowers. They get there names blue because of colour and bell because the top of the flower is shaped like a bell. Taking the dog and my beautiful little god children not forgetting there mum we headed off across the countryside surrounding Chirk Castle North Wales. This is one of my favourite places, the castle is wonderful with lots to see and do. The whole estate is managed to an excellent standard. If your ever visiting the area it is not to be missed. The estate is managed by the National Trust.
Today we walked the grounds in search of bluebells. It was not long before we found them. The woods were stunning a blanket of Lavender covered the ground. The stunning beauty these flowers bring lasted for quite some time there was many of these beautiful flowers. Some of the blankets of bluebells were mixed with little pink flowers also. 
As we walked we came across the wild welsh mountain ponies not getting to close we took a few pictures before moving on. 
The wooded area is so very magical this time of year its a proper fairy glen. It is surly a place were you a  can just sit and relax and let your mind wonder to a place of magical mystical  place with goblins fairies and hobbit`s. Walking through the stunning grounds of Chirk Castle you never no you may just see one. 

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