Saturday, June 22, 2013

Llangedwyn Duck Race 2013

Today was the annual Duck race & BBQ at the Mill in the village Llangedwyn on the Shropshire / Welsh border in Mid Wales. The event is part of the PTFA fund raising for our local school Llangedwyn.
It is a lovely event set in the heart of the Tanat Valley.
Ducks are set off up the river over 600 plastic ducks floating down stream the winner is the one that reaches the bridge first. It is a wonderful sight watching all these plastic ducks racing towards the finish line.
At this event there is also live music this year we were entertained by the lovely instrument the Saxophone. Lovely sounds were heard of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Blue Moon dispute it being  a chilly and bit of a dampish afternoon.

There was plenty to keep the children entertained including a bouncy castle and sumo wrestling game. There was also a game of skittles and the usual raffles and guess the names of the doll and lion.
There was tea and coffee as well as a bar. A few of the mums had made some lovely cakes proper Welsh  Bara Brith made by Lorra kicking myself now for not picking up a piece for my mum as she loves Bara Brith.

Web  link for recipe how to make Bara Brith :

Scones and one particular mum  Jude made some fabulous ice cream cone vanilla cup cakes complete with the added bonus of a flake.

Recipe found on Web Link  : 

We had a lovely time myself and Simon won an item on the raffle i picked some lovely lavender hand cream an added bonus for my poorly hands. Simon won a pretty candle holder sure we can find a nice home for that love to watch candles flickering when its dark there is something quite peaceful about a burning candle.
We came home with a take a way of burgers for tea for my mum and Aaron these are yummy always cooked to perfection by Doug & Mary who are over from America for the summer.
It did get a little chilly towards the end hence we did leave a little earlier than I wanted but these days  the cold effects my joints big time.

The duck race holds some rather happy memories for me. I have going to this event for many years over 12 in fact. Its still is a lovely event. I found my mind wandering today back to the early days with my boys. Many times I have been run raggedy chasing my boys around when they were small. Aaron as a tot running like lightening then as he got older he used to disappear to play football on the field.  Daniel in his wheelchair as he would head for the river and I was always afraid he would tip in. I had to have eyes in the back of my head especially when he learnt to take the brakes off himself and wheel himself where he wanted to go.
Then with Dan there was the music how he loved the music he would boogie all night long. Many a night there he would be wrapped up with lots of blankets to keep him warm with us not leaving to gone 11pm. 

Those were the days. Tears prick my eyes when I think of this. Chatting away at the end of the day today I found my mind flashing back to a picture of Daniel sitting under the marque in his wheelchair my mind wandered off.
Its so hard sometimes remembering how his young life was snatched away so quickly feeling the sadness that he is not still enjoying the lovely things he used to enjoy. Then I wonder how do I no he isn't just in a different way?

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