Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Wonderland Nottingham

Welcome to the wonderful winter wonderland in Nottingham at Christmas. 
After visiting Diana an old friend of mine we headed for the home of Robin Hood. It was going dusk as we wandered about this lovely old city in search of a place to eat.
As the light fell the city lit up into what I can only describe as a magical land of wonder. Wooden chalet Finland style stalls stood side by side within the streets. The stalls were laden with some beautiful Christmas gifts, many unusual. We had a lovely time wandering about about until it was time to eat. 
Nottingham is a very beautiful city steeped in history.
Myself and both the boys visited the city some years ago staying on the outskirts near Sherwood Forest but this is one city I have on my list to explore further without a doubt. 
Welcome to the Wonderful Winter Wonderland Of Nottingham given to you via photographs below :-)  Cheese !

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