Saturday, December 8, 2012

War Of The Worlds

Wow what can I say  This was a fabulous stage show. Mesmerised by the special effects as the Martians invaded the earth outside London. Narrated by Liam Neeson. the story of one man`s fight for survival as the Martians spread death and destruction across England eventually reaching London. The army fought back to no avail heat rays destroyed everything in their path. 
The powerful story was also told via song with Marti Pellow ( wet wet wet ) lead vocal. He looked so well for his age emmmmm.
Also staring was Jason Donvan  ( neighbours with Kylie Minogue ) as  the parson. The show was excellen. One of my favourite songs was sung  forever autumn by Marti Pellow. 
When buying the tickets we received the CD of the show. This is quite traumatic we listen to it in the dark to get the best effect. 
The book the war of the world is available as a free download for E readers as an e book. I have it on my Kobo and have read it all. Well worth reading I was handy as I can link the kobo to my Galaxy phone and read my books on the go.
Anyway if you get the chance to watch the war of the world stage show we would recommend it 
10 out of 10
Below are some You Tube links of the show as well as our photographs   Gary Barlow sings  Forever Autumn     Wow  Advert    Marti Pellow Interview

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