Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Ark

Thought this picture was quite appropriate  with the weather we are having.
The fields are sodden my poor pony Mr Jingles has yet another abscess in his hoof.
Poor lad is thankfully a bit better today  Boxing Day.
But getting back to this weather with rivers swollen and more rain to come. Thinking of those poor people who have been flooded  out of their homes. It must be awful to watch helplessly as your home fills with water unable to stop it.
It is rather worrying seeing each day filled with yet more rain how the path of the weather is changing.
Looking out of the window now all I can see is the sky laden with rain clouds so heavy they look like they are going to burst.
All around us is water roads with puddles some roads the kerb sides are being washed away leaving a smaller road than there was.

The story of Noah Ark has always remained in my mind since I was a child. I remember it well as a story from the bible.
Noah was told by god to build an ark. God had told Noah he had to take two of each animal into the ark. A boy and a girl. God was going to flood the earth to rid it of the people he did not want on the earth plain anymore.
Noah built the ark and lead in the animals two by two.
He shut the huge doors. It then rained and rained for days and nights. ( I am not sure if the St Swithans day 40 days forty night rhyme is part if this tale or not can not remember. )
After so many days Noah sent a dove out to look for land. A few times it came back with only it self exhausted from the task put upon it.
The forth day of taking flight it came back with an olive branch.
Noah new the worst was over so he sailed for the land. The rain had stopped.
On reaching land Noah led the animals out of the ark two by two there they were left to their own devises to populate the earth once again.

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