Monday, December 17, 2012

Angels In Heaven This Christmas

There will be many Angles in heaven this Christmas including two of my own children. Your child dying is every parents worst nightmare, its life cycle you are suppose to die before your child. When this life cycle is broken a parent finds it very difficult to deal with the death of their child regardless of age. I do not thing any parents ever gets over the death of a child, but you have to learn to live with it or your life is over. 
Unless you have been through this experience yourself or watched someone very close to you go through the death of a child then I do not feel anyone can or could fully understand.
I lost one of my boys Christmas  / New Year`s Eve 2007.  It will be 5 years this year since my precious Daniel died. Next year 2013 will mark 17 years for the loss of my baby Callum. 
Over the last 5 years new people have come into my life who were not around when I lost my boys. I have noticed the difference, the people that went through the most horrific time`s in my life are far more understanding, they have a good knowledge and understanding of how much pain I had and still have to this day.
Christmas can be a hard time of the year for people who have lost children. Little reminders here and there, but for those who have lost children at Christmas time how do you thing they feel. 
Coming home after my son died to presents unopened under the Christmas tree broke my heart so very much. 
This year I cant bear to look at presents under a tree or write out Christmas cards. 
Hearing the news recently about the shooting in America is just heartbreaking. A madman gunman killed his mother before heading to the primary school were she worked as a teacher forcing his way in and killing 20 little children and their teachers. This is an unbearable act of Evil.
My heart and my thoughts go out to the parents, family and friends of everyone that was murdered on that dreadful December morning in the American town of Newtown. 
Whatever goes through the crazed mind of a killer capable of such wicked crime`s is beyond logic.
He has ruined many lives with his actions, cutting many young lives short. Christmas will never be the same in Newtown like is will never be the same for me or anyone else who have lost children. 
Tears will be shed in Heaven  and on Earth for all our little children who should be opening their presents this Christmas with huge smiles on their faces like every other little child in the world, but alas all that is left is for us, their parents is to place flower`s on their graves.
God Bless all those who died in the Newtown shooting and all the little Angles out children in Heaven   this Christmas. XXXX

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