Saturday, December 22, 2012

Steve Hogarth Christmas Concert

Last weekend we headed to St Brides Church In Liverpool for a church light Christmas Concert by Steve Hogarth. Steve Hogarth is the singer in Marillion which is a prog rock band who`s biggest hit was Kayleigh in 1985.
The church which is close to Toxteth near Liverpool Town Centre was dressed in full Christmas entire with magical Christmas lights and a good 6 ft Christmas Tree again all lit up with wonderful Christmas lights. People brought baubles to put on the tree.
The night was very interactive Steve Hogarth sang but also made conversation with the audience, answering questions when asked. 
Before the concert we headed to a local little pub down the back street called the Pilgrim which was very really nice with home cooked food. 
Back to the concert Steve sang a verity of songs after a few shots of Tequila . It was a really good night, we both really enjoyed it. 

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