Thursday, November 29, 2012

Frozen Valley

We were certainly visited by winter this morning. The world outside was frozen white cars iced up and hard to defrost. 
The cold air rushed to my lungs making me short of breath. Asthma dose not like the cold. Scarf at the ready to take away the shock of the air rushing into the body.
Walking to the field Mr Jingles nose was full of white stuff and his breath seen clearly as a mist in the air. Clouds of what looks like smoke swirls up into the sky above. Water buckets frozen, a crack of ice as the end of the broom goes through so my little pony can access his water and is able to drink. Hay is in his hay net so he can munch that instead of the frozen grass.
The tree,s along the Valley glisten with the frozen dew of the morning. A buzzard swoops low across the valley  standing out clearly with the harsh white background of frost.
Spiders webs stand out upon the gate etched in white with a silver glisten, Spiders can not be seen they have retreated to somewhere warm away from the delights of  the eye on this frozen morning.
Sheep graze in the field,  hard to been seen as they blend into the background. They still look happy surrounded and quilted by their woolly bodies. The magic of winter has arrived.
I must admit I love Wales especially the Tanat Valley any time of the year and the joys each season brings us. 
From the warm glow of the spring flowers, the glow of the summer sun, the beautiful colours of autumn and now the beautiful sights of the white valley surrounding us. Its a joy to be alive. 
Wrapped up well walking in the winter months can be so rewarding just remember to take your camera along with you.

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