Sunday, December 30, 2012

Love Your Dog

Its sad to see your best friend growing old. Remembering the times when you both ran through the fields, walked for miles. You laughed played had the best time ever. Overnight your best friend changes. Now he can not see, yes he does bump into things, but you can guide him through. He still gets excited at the clink of his lead, pulls and pulls as you take him for a walk. He can not walk as far but he still wags his tail as you walk him back home. He limps a bit settling down to sleep for a while he is so very tired. 
As he wakes the stiffness of his body tells as he walks with a hobble for a short while till his bones and joints ease a little.
He is now 14 years old he has a few lumps here and there, the vet says not to worry. His shaggy coat keeps him warm and the elements out form his old wrinkled skin. 
He is my best friend who has been with me for many years 10 in fact. He had a sad start for the first 4 years a very unhappy little chap. Then he met us his new family. We have had such fun over the last 10 years with my old friend.  He still loves life and food of course he still displays the tendencies of a mountain goat climbing up the back of chairs on to the units to get the cat food. 
He may be old, blind and deaf when it suits him but he is still a very happy little dog. We love our old friend dearly may 2013 bring us more days of happiness with our little dog. We love you Fred xxxx

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