Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Peppers : The Irish Pub

This was a fantastic little pub with lovely meals and good fun loving Irish music. Peppers is situated in the small village of Feakle, nesting underneath the Sliabh Aughty mountains, Feakle is a place steeped in history and folklore with an unrivalled reputation as being the culture centre of East Clare.
From an artists point of view, it has everything  rolling hills, over thirty lakes within ten mile radius and many varied walking routes for the fitness gurus. 
In history and folklore, the names Johnny Patterson, Biddy Early and Brian Merriman, evoke many talks of interest. Jonny Patterson is renowned as the clown who wrote songs such `The Stone outside Dan Murphy`s Door`.  `Bridget Donoghue` and many more. 
Biddy Early is best know for her herbal cures and much more while Brian Merriman ( the poet ) penned the epic " Cuirt an Mhean Oiche " ( The Midnight Court ). In 1974, the famous initial peace talks effort took place in Feakle which eventually resulted in the resent `Peace Treaty`.
Nowadays it`s for its music that Feakle is best known. The Feakle International Traditional Music Festival now approaching its 25th year, draws performers from all over the world.

Well whilst visiting this lovely country pub we were entertained by singing and Irish music, also Irish music by near 25 different violinists, accordion players and also guitar. All these people just kept coming into the pub it was quite amazing to see, as they all grabbed a stool and started playing all in syncro with each other. 
We had a lovely time even more better as we got picked up from our cottage and taken back at the end of the evening by a curtsy  bus. So it was Cheers with a lovely pint of Irish Guinness.  emmmmmm  lovely !

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