Friday, August 31, 2012


A place I have always wanted to visit after meeting Horace Dobbs a few years ago. Horace Dobbs was the dolphin man who has done a lot of research about dolphins and the interaction they have with children and disability. He is keen for children to swim with wild dolphins. He was also the creator of the special needs children`s dolphin dome which is a full multi sensory experience of dolphins for children with special needs. It is said that dolphin therapy can enlighten a special need child`s life.
You may wonder what is the connection with Horace Dobbs and Dingle on the south west  coast of Southern Island ?
Well for many year a dolphin has taken residence in Dingle Bay. He has been named Fungie. He chases the tourist boats and often puts on a show for the passing boats. There has been a few stories and books over the years be written of this super human friendly dolphin. I am writing a piece about Fungie on my other blog  Lesley's Coffee Stop link  (  ).  
The Dingle itself is a pretty fishing village surrounded by high  mountains and low cloud. There is a monument on the sea front of the dolphin.  Driving down to Dingle also offers you some beautiful viewing along the way and is well recommended. 

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