Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ann-Marie @ Nenagh

I have known Ann-Marie for a long time, over 20 years, since living in Over Winsford Cheshire. 
We met because of our horse`s. 
I had Bubbles a palomino gelding and Diamond Princess a bay shire mare. Ann-Marie had Duncan a hunter, Jessie the donkey, Merlin a little grey and Rosie the pot bellied piggy. She also had a couple of lovely dogs on the farm. 
The times at Ann-Marie & Marks farm were memorable in many ways we had some fun time but Ann-Marie also helped me through some of the worse times in my life. One of them the lost of my baby Callum, who died age just 4 1/2 hours, Ann-Marie would have certainly been his godmother had he survived. 
She was also there for me when my old pony Bubbles died, I had had him since a child and was heartbroken. Bubbles lived to a ripe old age enjoying his semi retirement in Cheshire. 
We have never lost contact over the years but with me moving to Wales and Ann-Marie moving to Ireland time has just past us by over the years. Time has flown we met up when the children were babies.
Then the last time we saw each other was around 9 years ago. Sadly when in Tenerife last January we missed each other by a minute as are plane boarded before Ann-Marie got through the airport checks, she had been on a different part of the Island and was flying back to Ireland a few hours after we left for the UK.
It was great to see each other again, she had not changed a bit except for the Irish Accent which shocked me. Ann-Marie always had a Warrington accent. This really took me by surprise. We chatted for hours catching up on all the gossip. We have vowed never to leave it so long next time. I can not wait to see her again soon. I miss her dearly tears welled as we said our goodbyes again. 
I am thankful to have so many good friends in my life. 
Thanks to facebook this not only gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with all my family and friends in this country who live near and far but also the ones beyond living overseas from Ireland to Europe to America to New Zealand and beyond. 
For those who say facebook is rubbish and causes nothing but trouble for me it keeps me in touch with all the people who are dear to me and have played a part in my life. Facebook can be a valuable life line and I love it. 
See You Soon Ann-Marie  Loves and Hugs  from Wales  xxxx

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