Saturday, August 4, 2012

Derwen Garden Centre - Goodbye To Di

Our good friend Di is leaving the Valley very shortly. Recently a group of us had a trip out to one of Di`s favourite places the Derwen Garden Centre. We all had a lovely time here during the afternoon. There was a playground for the kids and a maze to get lost in. The garden displays were fantastic we wandered around relaxed and chilled. Breaking off we headed for the cafe for a bite to eat and a drink. 
We have known Di for many years all of us are very fond of her including Aaron who has grown up watched over by Di and her prayers in his times of trouble and heartbreak. Aaron is now a strong happy young man who we are all proud of. 
We will miss Di very much as a dear friend and work  colleague, but I also now she will keep in touch. We wish her well as she moves on to a new chapter of her life.  I am just so pleased we have Lorra who is another lovely lady I am so happy to have as a friend. 
Pictured below are some of the photographs of us all enjoying a lovely afternoon out. 
 I would definitely recommend an afternoon out here  link below.

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