Friday, August 17, 2012

Alton Towers

WOW !  what can I say, thrill after thrill after thrill. Aaron and I were in our element running around Alton Towers to get on the rides. We for me it was more of a hobble with the old knackered knee playing up. It was that bad I was given a pass for the rides so I did not have to stand in the queues. Despite the pain we were not going to miss out. 
Firstly we headed though the gloomy wood, heading for duel Aaron and I having a contest to see who could win the laser game. Of course Aaron was the successor. 
Moving on we went on Nemesis Sub Terra, this was the jump factor as it scares you to death. Next I had to brave air the superman ride of terror as you float, swoop and dive to the depths of beyond in quite a undignified manor.
We also went on a ride on the skyride across the park. Ice age 4 D was so much fun with all the special effects we all really enjoyed this. 
Next was a must Charlie and the Chocolate Factory boat ride and elevator trip. This is a lovely ride with imaginary views throughout. Hex was the next stop were you get the thrill of the swing boat after hearing the story of the Earl Of Shrewsbury and the giant old oak tree.
We also went on Sonic spinball another rollercoaster that drops and spins about at great speed.
Then the real fear began as Aaron dragged me kicking and screaming onto Oblivion. Here you defiantly face your fears. Not looking down as you drop vertical into a black underground hole with all sort of stuff squirting at you. 
After this one Simon put his foot down as I was a very funny colour. 
The weather was on the turn  as the thunder rolled in with flashes of lightening shooting from the sky. Soon the rain started to fall so we headed to the aquarium for a wander about in the dry. Aaron had his hands cleaned by the shrimps the dirty little devils had a feast eating the muck off his hands. Simon enjoys walking around the tanks looking at some of the beautiful salt water fish. It is something he is able to do wander around slowly at a nice pace. Sometimes Aaron and I can be a little to crazy for him. He thinks we are completely bonkers going on all these fast scary rides he does worry.
After Oblivion he was quite concerned at the colour of my face its lovely to have someone who loves me so much and it shows. Simon cares so much for me no one has ever been this way with me before and I love it.  Its great to be happy. 

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