Monday, August 6, 2012

Sudbury Hall Sudbury Ashbourne

Sudbury Hall was a family home which is a stunning example of 17th century fashion and craftmanship. Created by George Vernon after he succeeded the estate in 1660, Sudbury Hall is a fantastic combination of Jacobean and classic building styles. The hall is considered to be the most richly decorated mansion house of its period surviving in England.
The lavish beautifully preserved interiors, including the opulent Great Staircase and the magnificent long gallery are a sharp contrast to life below stairs in the more modest kitchen and basement. Sudbury is a spectacular place to visit.

Within the grounds of Sudbury is the Museum of Childhood. Here you can explore childhood throughout the centuries. There are thousands of different toys within the museum. It is a place to reminisce about toys and games you used to play with.
You can take a journey throughout childhood with the collection, there is a place to dress up and also a Victorian schoolroom if you dare face the Victorian teacher who is extremely strict. Another fun part of the museum is you can have a go at being a chimney sweep if your small enough !  We all enjoyed looking around the museum.

The woodland adventure play area saw Aaron receiving medical attention after he fell from the above equipment cutting his knee open. Luckily it was to bad after a clean up and he could carry on enjoying his day out. We also enjoyed walking around the grounds taking in the views across the lake. Next to Sudbury Hall stands the village church which we also visited.

Sudbury Hall stands in the village of Sudbury nr Ashbourne Derbyshire  sat nav   postcode DE6 5HT
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