Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kylemore Abbey

Stunning is the best word to describe this beautiful place. The setting that Kylemore Abbey stands in is amazing. The Abbey stands in Connemara Ireland. 
We wandered around the Abbey and up to the Gothic style church. We also paid a visit to the tomb were Mitchell Henry and his beloved wife Margaret are laid to rest. Kylemore is a very romantic place  the estate is also home to the lovely Victorian Walled Gardens. The gardens are lovely to walk around.
The story of Kylemore both castle and abbey is a truly remarkable one. The twists of fate which its occupants experienced, from moments of romance and happiness, to sadness and courage have all combined to create a fascinating history spanning over 150 years.
Kylemore is home to a community of nuns of the Benedictine order who came here in 1920 after their abbey  in Ypres, Belgium was destroyed in world war 1. Settling at Kylemore, the Benedictine community opened a`world renowned boarding school for girls and began restoring the Abbey, Gothic Church and Gardens to their former glory. 
There is so much I can write and say about this beautiful place but I haven`t the time. To learn more about Kylemore Abbey please visit  
www.kylemoreabbeytourism.ie    try and find the story of Henry and Margaret its well worth the read. Also there was a fire at the abbey think it was in the 1950`s  part of the west wing was totally destroyed. Please enjoy the photographs.

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