Friday, August 17, 2012

Camping At Abersoch

Recently we had a fantastic weekend away camping in Abersoch. Abersoch is situated on the Llyn Peninsula Gwynedd Wales. Aaron had gone up there previous camping with friends, I had a prior appointment that I am happy to say turned out well. Aaron was reluctant to go but we promised we would follow up a little later. His worries vanished that day and I was thrilled to see the light back in his eyes and a big smile back across his face. 
Hattie and Dave our friends from many years ago followed us up in Vera ( the beast, I call it )  there huge camper van. We drove in convoy stopping off for a break half way. It was not long before we were in Abersoch heading high up the country lanes to the camp site. 
We met up with the rest of our group.
Aaron was having a good time swimming in the sea and in the beach which was only about a mile walk form the camp site. Later that evening we all headed into Abersoch for a wander around the village. Our friends had booked a table at the local Chinese restaurant. The meal was delicious  we will definitely be going there again. It was turning dusk as we headed back to the camp site.
Girls going back first in Malcolm `s car we had a glass of wine whilst waiting for the boys to return. It was a beautiful evening. Warm and with a sky full of many bright stars shining down on us. It was bliss. Earlier that day everywhere I went I found white feathers on our drive and whist walking in Welshpool with Francis from Hope House we even found more. Francis said it was a sign form above. I had to blink twice as Aaron found another white feather floating down to him at the camp site. Some one was trying to tell us something. I believe Aaron is being watched over from above by his brother. Aaron also tells me of other signs that neither of us can explain, although its comforting to no.
Back to the camping after a couple of drinks and a good old gossip we all decided to retire to bed. Simon and I walked for a while looking at the sky above it was so amazing with all the stars lighting up the night sky. Everyone had gone to bed the boys in the tent, Aaron shouted over for his fleece out of camper. The boys were messing about in the tent when I went over. It was a peaceful and comfortable night in the VW.
Early in the morning we were all up and about. Washed, Showered and dressed ready for the delightful breakfast that was being made for us. Melon with smoked ham and bacon baps, washed down with lovely hot coffee the boys with hot chocolate I made in Muffin our VW.
Over the weekend we headed down to the beach for a paddle in the sea. Aaron and Callum by this time had surf boards and were happily surfing in the waves. They both did fairly well at there new found sport.
I was taking photographs as usual, before heading out for a paddle. Coming back to the beach with Hattie and the boys in tow, Aaron suddenly grabbed me. 
The little tinker to everyone`s delight dragging me into the sea. Aaron is no little boy any more he is a strong little guy who`s voice is now that of a man. We struggled amongst the waves in fits of giggles, then it happened a large wave and whoosh we were both over. Soaked to the skin my darling son took me by the arm now a bit concerned he had soaked me. I was still in fits of laughter. 
Simon and the others were enjoying every minute of our wrestling match.  After a while we a few of us wandered walking back to the camp site me squelching all the way. 
The other campers took one look at me and laughed so nice of them. After a hot shower and a change of clothes I look respectable again. Ready for the rest of the time camping. A fab time had by all.

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