Friday, August 17, 2012

National Memorial Arboretum & Litchfield

The National Arboretum is a must visit if you are ever in the district of Lichfield. The Arboretum is a centre of remembrance, it has 150 acres of beautiful woodlands, gardens and over 200 memorials.
The web site is
Home of the Armed Forces Memorial the unique place honours over 16,000 UK armed services personnel who have died in service of their country since the end of WW11. The Arboretum is a very beautiful place, a place were you feel proud but also quite sad. What hit home for us was the amount of British Soldiers on the wall killed, compared with the Royal Navy and Air Force.
Situated at the confluence of the rivers Tame & Trent, the Arboretum contains a rich diversity of wildlife to discover.
A visit to this place is amazing.  It reminded me of visiting Belson Concentration Camp in Germany many years ago. Very quite and peaceful. The only different there were birds flying high above the Arboretum were at the concentration camp the place is I remember being was quite not even a bird flew by.

A trip to Lichfiled is not complete without visiing the catherdral.This is quite a spectacular  cathedral with a hint of a Gothic. Lichfield itself is a lovely little city. We had a bit of a wander about before and after visiting the Cathedral. We lite candles in memory of our boys Callum and Daniel. 
The cathedral was very beautiful inside as you can see from the photographs. We enjoyed exploring, and looking at the different interior chapels. 
It was not long before the heavens opened it poured down we did not care soaking wet we headed back to the hotel for get dry and chill.

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