Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Yellow Submarine

Heading to the new and exclusive San Miguel Marina which was situated within 1/2 mile from our hotel we found the Yellow Submarine. Straight out of the popular song from the Beatles.
Boarding the vessel we were about to be taken on a fantastic underwater adventure 30 metes (100ft ) under the sea.
Inside the sub there were huge porthole windows for viewing, the hatches were closed and we sailed off a safety boat was ahead of us. The boat began to dive we watched on the screens as the water of the ocean washed over the boat as we sank into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.
The coast line in this area is rugged and unspoiled. Under the Ocean we were surrounded by clear waters,which hold an abundance of Marine Life.
We watched through the windows studying a range of fish snails and craps. Later in the trip a diver off the safety boat came into the water. There was a frenzy of fish around the sub as he swan around feeding the fish. Upon the rock many crabs clung. It was a fascinating underwater adventure.Although feeling a little claustrophobic  to start the fear soon passed as there was so much to see on our journey.
This was a truly wonderful experience which we all enjoyed. We took some fabulous  photographs as you can see below. After the trip we sat at the trip of the harbour in a perfectly situated cafe looking out across the ocean having a well deserved coffee.   Afterwards we strolled along the shore lines beach combing  finding some wonderful creatures along the way.
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