Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whale Watching Boat Trip & The Wild Dolphins

This was a truly wonderful experience for all of us. We headed out on a catamaran boat for a wonderful few hours on the hunt for whales and dolphins. It wasn't long before we spotted a group of pilot whales off the coast of Tenerife. Bring us close to tears the boat sailed alongside these wonderful creatures. We watched as they came in and out of the water with the water spurting out of their blow holes. We stayed alongside them for quite a long time. 
After Whale watching we headed off in search of the dolphins again it wasn't long before we spotted quite a few near a off shore fishing farm. We watched as they jumped leaping into the sky out of the water. They were extremely quick, we found it very hard to get a clear photo of them but it was a pleasure to watch them.
We were also treated to lunch on the catamaran in the hot sunshine in the ocean how fantastic. After lunch the boat was anchored   off shore were we were allowed to swim in the ocean. Aaron was in his element he swam near to the boat with the dolphins watching from a short distance away. It was an amazing experience for him. Simon and I sat on deck watching him, Simon sadly is not well enough to swim in the ocean and as for me if I cant touch the floor it does not happen. Aaron though is a wonderful swimmer I am so pleased for him.
This trip was wonderful. Aaron may have had bad times as a child but I also no he has had many wonderful experiences too.

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