Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loro Parque Orcu Killer Whales & The Dolphins + More

This is a wonderful place to visit Loro Parque Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife. Firstly we headed to see the killer whales all the way from sea world in the USA. These are absolutely fascinating to watch the care and understanding of their keeps shows in their actions they are dedicated to the people who look after them and look incredibly happy performing their tricks for the watching crowds. You can actually see the joy and excitement in them as they soak the crowds on the lower tiers. We have some fantastic photographs above. 

The enclosures  the animals live in are really good you can actually walk into the Antarctic dome especially built for the penguins with real snow. The enclosure also has a huge iceberg it is very impressive.

Walking through the underwater world display is again amazing. There are many fascinating creatures within the waters from oceans and rivers from all over the world. The Shark Tunnel brings you up close to these wonderful creatures that are predators in the oceans.

The sealion show was also brilliant here the sealions loved to showed off for the crowd having a really good time They were amazingly intelligent we had plenty of laughs watching them.

Another of the shows we went to was the parrots They have their own show in a Arabic style building they flew freely around performing their skills for everyone. There is a huge breeding programme going on at Loro Parque to help with the declining numbers in the wild. 

Well as for the dolphins what can I say these elegant creatures are so charming and beautiful to watch. they loved being stroked and wooed the crowd with their beauty just amazing. With tears in my eyes I watched their performance it was fantastic. Their beauty is outstanding and I cant wait to get even closer to them at seaworld in Florida. My dream for Daniel was for him to swim with them sadly he died just 6 weeks before we were due to go and full fill our dream, Aaron will have the chance in the near future though which I am sure will leave me gutted that Daniel wont be with us in person but I no he will be with us in spirit. Daniel would have loved this.

Next stop was a visit to the gorillas. They have an amazing enclosure which represents the natural rain forest environment you can almost touch the grass they sit on.
Planet life is new to the parque the magic of the cinema brings to life the work the parque does for the environment around the world. With huge conservation programs and breeding programs going on behind the scenes hopefully with the work the zoo,s do around the world many animals birds sea life will be saved from extinction.
I used to believe animals had a right to freedom but with that much cruelty in the world these days at least these animals are safe well feed and kept mentally stimulated in a clean save environment away from harm.

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