Sunday, January 8, 2012

Teide Volcano & The Island Tour : Walking On The Moon

Well yet another wonderful adventure which made us all smile. Heading off early one morning we climbed up the mountain towards the top of Mount Teide. Mount Teide is an active volcano which stands with pride within the National Park of Las Canadas del Teide. 
With ears popping as we climbed higher and higher above sea level we stopped off briefly at Vilaflor. At Vilaflor we watched the display about the native people who first lived on Tenerife.
Carrying on our journey we could clearly see the other Islands around Tenerife not so far away in the ocean mist.
Reaching the national Park the landscape changes into a wonderful replica of the moon. The only way to describe at his area is it is like walking on the moon not that I have ever been their ( but you never no One day ? ) 
It was stunning we stopped off to view the Volcano and to climb up the stones known as god`s finger.
Afterwards we carried on within the park. Our guide then showed us the larva trails from the Volcano. You could clearly see the trails left by the larva flow of jagged rocks, at this point we were still high up in the mountains. Our next stop was a little cafe still in the mountains were we stopped off for a coffee break. Again the views were stunning. 
next we heading down the mountains to follow the trails of the larva through the villages out towards the ocean. Firstly we stopped at the flower rock, here Aaron and I reverted into child mode as we played the trolls under the bridge.
Heading down out of the mountains we stopped in a little village called Garachico which is on the North Coast of the island. This medieval village was destroyed by the volcano eruption in 1706. The evidence of the eruption to this day is still spectacular we followed the trail of larva guided by our tour guide. from the foot of the mountains then out to the ocean. The huge black rock larva was a spectacular sight. It was a excellent history lesson for Aaron, who is at present learning Spanish.
Our next stop was again a wonderful experience heading up a very winding road we headed back into the mountains. The road was steep and extremly windy with deep ravines which overlooked the countryside and looked out to the ocean. I must admit I was having kittens as the mini bus backed up towards the edges to get around the very tight bends in the road which also had a really steep hill ahead. But it was worth it t witness the beautiful views. Reaching half way up the ravines we stopped off at the lovely little village deep in the mountains called Masca it was so pretty here, we took some lovely photographs before departing to further our journey.
Again we headed up and up along the scary road. At this time it was getting dusk as the sunset faded over Tenerife but before heading back down the mountains we stopped off at yet another place which is known for its outstanding beauty here we took some photographs of  the setting sun along with the views of the volcano in the distance it was wonderful. One of the best adventures we have ever been on. Heading back down the mountains we again saw the latest eruption flow of larva left by the volcano this eruption was in the early 1900. It was amazing. By now we were all absolutely shattered it had been a very long day. After heading into the hotel to freshen up we headed over to the Irish Pub for tea all so very hungry after our wonderful day out.

ravine roads to Masca

Garachicho destroyed by the volcano in 1706

stopping at Vilaflor for native display 

the flower rock

walking on the moon 

wonderful views 



Trolls under the bridge 

Mount Teide  the volcano 

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