Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spooks At Techniquest Newi Oct 08

Today we headed to Techniquest Newi Wrexham. Techniquest is a place of science. We solved puzzles and made a robot spider. The spider moved around the web dish freely Aaron was chuffed he had made this on his own. See photo a bottom for Aarons spider.

There is also a mirror maze and a light room. Plasma balls and shadow screen are in this room.

The theme of techniquest is Halloween Spooky Science. Aaron solved puzzles int the spooky room surrounded by cob webs and skeletons.

We watched the science show in the theatre which was about as you may guess Halloween and Pumpkins. Science tests were performed which turned a pumpkin head into a bloody mess blood dripping every were from it another was filled with liquid nitrogen which gave him a smoky scary look. Aaron really enjoyed his time here before we headed to pizza hut as his special treat. To learn more about spooky science visit

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