Sunday, November 2, 2008

Powis Castle & Gardens November 2008

Today we visited Powis Castle Welshpool. Here are links regarding the castle.

Walking up to the castle within the trees upon the hill we saw a lone small deer grazing near a tree. We stopped to watch for a short while before he found his feet and ran off into the distance.

We reached the castle gardens. Aaron was given a national trust observation sheet. These sheets are very educational for children like Aaron. As well the children enjoying the surrounding countryside and fresh air they are filled with lots of knowledge about the garden and its surroundings. They learn about wildlife animals, insects and birds there habitat and life style / cycle, within the garden area. They also learn about different types of trees, flowers and plants and they gain a knowledge of what it was like to live in medieval times. The sheet has many questions. Aaron was very observant not needing much help to fill in the sheet. At the end he received a prize for his efforts.

The garden itself was very pretty we saw squirrels harvesting there nuts for there winter hibernation. Moor hens on the pond, trees giving there leaves to the autumn fall. The views of the surrounding Welshpool countryside were fantastic from some of the view points within the garden as was the views of the castle.

We stopped off at the coffee shop which is situated near the formal garden. This garden is filled with many apple and pear trees. plus grape vines and berry trees.

Billy and I had a cream tea whilst Aaron had his fill of chocolate cake and milky latte.

We then walked back up towards the castle. Passing the orangery were some of the loveliest statues are displayed. Shepard's playing bagpipes and the flute.

We headed up the the castle firstly entering the Clive gallery. The gallery holds a fabulous collection of treasures from the Indian origin.

We moved on into the main castle. The stately rooms and grand staircase take your breath away with the wonderful wall and ceilings painting. Angles, gods, Neptune, and cherubs litter the walls along with ancient Greek's art painting of statues. The rooms of this castle are magnificent we walked through the castle through dinning rooms, stately bedrooms, living quarters with guest bedrooms towards the top of the grand stair case again filled with such beautiful art work. The antique furniture and pottery within this castle is such a delight to see. We then headed down the servant stair well into the bird collection room.

The bird collection room is filled with many stuffed birds displayed within glass cabinets. It is a huge collection some of the birds are now extinct.

As it was getting late we headed back to the car heading home for tea a lovely roast chicken dinner.

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