Sunday, November 30, 2008

Southport - Night Out Nov 08

We headed off to Liverpool today to visit Billy`s family. We all headed to Southport meeting up with Billy`s mum sister and nephew. We looked around the shops and went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant before heading to Billy`s mums house. We also walked along the main street in Southport, the Christmas lights are really nice. They go for miles.
Billy and I then got ready to meet up with our friends. We try to meet up with them every couple of months.
We walked down to the local pub. Big smiles greeted us, all Billy`s friends a really nice and some visit us at home on occasions.
There is only one other girl Ann she is from Wirral and we get on so well. After one drink we headed off to the rock bar. This is a great little pub which entertains with rock groups. The group on was The Squad these are one of my favourite bands which perform at the pub. They sing songs from heavy to soft rock.
We had a dance it was such fun. Billy holds me close to him kisses and cuddles me constantly. Billy never lets go of me, treats me like a princess all the time, cant believe I have met such a wonderful guy.
Ann is also good fun and knows how to party.
Everyone says Billy and I make a wonderful couple and we do. I wish I had met him years & years ago. He is the one man I can trust a billion %.
The night was over far to soon. We left with plenty of hugs and kisses from Billy`s friends. One of them dropped us off in is new Merc at Billy`s mums everyone was asleep.
Great night out.
Look forward to next time.

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