Friday, January 8, 2010

What a Week Snow Havoc

Thanks Guys for messages regarding my mum. She is OK although, she has broken nose, two black eyes and hurt arm after her fall. She looks like a panda. Could have been alot worse.
Luckily Sarah from pub and myself managed to get her to her feet again. She was warned not to go outside as hidden beneath the soft stuff on top is sheer ice.
The diesel in my car keeps freezing making it difficult to start. This is a typical story throughout the area as fuel in oil tanks are freezing up.
School has now been shut since Monday. We did try to open today but due to no heating, oil freezing we had to shut again. Things don't look good for Monday due to the next weather system due to hit over weekend and the freezing temperatures stopping oil flow from the tanks.
Henry & Hetty KS1 guinea pigs ( pictured above ) are now safe and sound with Us. They couldn't`t stay in school any longer with no one able to get to them to give them food, water and now no heating. They are being pampered in Penybont. Nana has fallen in love with them, so kids you will be lucky to get them back ! LOL
Got my car into school through the fresh fluffy stuff, then the wheel`s were spinning as it hit the ice as I left.
JCB`s are clearing huge snow drifts to help people to get there cars out. Told there have been at least 6 ft high drifts in parts of the area. People are walking into the villages from the hills with little carts to get food. The gritter`s and snow ploughs have been working hard throughout Powys, we can hear them through the night.
It`s no often we get snow like this, it is very freaky weather.
It has been a funny old start to the year. But this is a year we are looking forward too. Up to now I am glad the way things have turned out, door`s have closed and new ones opened.
Lets hope the new ones stay open now to enable strong bridges to be built up again.
Whatever the year has in store for us we are going to enjoy it.
We are looking forward to a New Year 2010 with a Fresh New Start.

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