Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quasar Shrewsbury Nov 08

A gang of us headed to Shrewsbury

We headed to the AMF ten pin bowling centre for a game of Quasar. Quasar is a Lazar quest game. It was adults v children. There was only 4 of us brave enough to go in against 7 of the little darlings. It was meant to be a game for the kids but on the way they decided they would rather fight us adults. Malcolm, Lee & Billy Volunteered. I was the only mum brave enough to go in there with a bunch of 10 yr 11 yr hooligans.
The other cowardly mums sat outside drinking tea.
What a laugh we had armed in our laser suits and guns off we went. The kids in blue us in red. It was over 3 floors, dark, luminous with hiding places.

We set up an ambush for the kids before they over powered us as we were out numbered. I was ambushed by a group of them that chased me all the way around. Eventually i hid behind the men on my team for a rest whilst they kept them at bay.

Josh got me a few times and frank and I bumped into each other hiding. Then we had a shoot out. Aaron gave chase so I got him back by sneaking up behind him.

We all had a great time, all the kids like Billy he has become really good friends with them all as well as all the parents in and around the valley.

It was over too soon Ann and Marja had drinks waiting for us when we got out before we headed off to McDonalds for tea and us all heading home.

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