Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hope House Disco & Karaoke Nov 08

Recently we met up with our friends from Hope House Hospice for an evening of karaoke and disco dancing. For supper the order was chips and sausage. Which as you can see Aaron really enjoyed.

The night was fun. Some of the children and adults sang very well. Billy, Aaron and myself danced to the party songs Billy is a fantastic dancer and certainly knows how to strut his stuff.

We twisted the night away to some of the old songs of the sixties. A song came on I really like "Want to Dance the Night Away" "With Sonorities Who can Sway". By Ricky Martin. I really like this song as I certainly have found my senora who can sway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you found yours ? LOL say no more.
Aaron also enjoyed playing with both myself and Billy, playing chase. He also had a good time doing the actions to the party songs including YMCA & Oops Up etc. Hope House have been very good to us looking after us well both before Daniel died and after. Hope House is a children's hospice for children with limited life expectancies Here is a link to their web site

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