Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween @ Alton towers

What a place to go for Halloween, Alton Towers Scarefest. This was an experience not to be forgotten, there were many characters there from youngsters to grown men and women. Some of the costumes were fantastic Edward scissors hands, Beetle Juice, zombies, mad doctors, witches and wizards.
We started our day at the park by entering Mutiny Bay, a pirate setting. Aaron and Billy went on the Heave Ho ride and Marauders Mayhem. We then moved on to Katanga Canyon here we went on the river rapids, runaway mine train and the log flume. Luckily we had our waterproofs as we all go very wet especially Aaron.
Next stop was gloomy wood we went on duel. Here you have to zap all the zombie and ghouls with a Lazar gun. I won the duel beating both the boys by a couple of thousand points.

We then walked up to Forbidden Valley Ripsaw was a fantastic ride along with nemesis and air.
After a light lunch and heading through the gardens past the lake we entered Ug Land were the corkscrew and Rita rides are. Next was Cred Street were we went on the magical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory boat ride. The glass elevator on this ride was really good.
We then headed for a warm as it was getting quite cold after the night started to fall. We sat back in the Cred street Theatre and watched The Haunting Of Algenon`s Attic Show.

Next we headed for the spooky towers. Here we went on Hex, a spooky ride with a twist a spinning room and haunted swing, which was appropriate for the evening of Halloween.

It was getting quite late so we headed off for our tea at KFC.
We had a lovely day at Alton Towers especially with it being Halloween. Spooks and Ghouls out in force along with the giant pumpkins. To visit the Alton Towers web site please click here.

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