Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bonfire Night 5th Novemeber 2008

Billy finished work early today so he could come to the Bonfire & Firework display at Llangynog, a little welsh village surrounded by the Berwyn mountains.

After eating our jacket potatoes filled with melted cheese and ham we all wrapped up warm and headed up the valley, picking Callum up on the way.
The firework display is free although a donation is asked for at the gate. We met up with a few people we no there Mandy and Lee with children Charlotte, Harvey and Lawrence.

The children had a good play as well as watching the fire works.

It was a difficult evening for myself and Aaron as it was the first bonfire night without our Daniel.

Daniel loved the fireworks, the bang bangs we would call them. Daniel would get so excited and squeal with delight as the fireworks went off. We stood in the same place as we had stood only 12 months before with a happy little boy in his wheel chair having a great time smiling from ear to ear. It is hard to believe within 2 months of that day Daniel would have died.

Billy said at least we have all these special memories of the happy time watching Daniel enjoy the life he had. Both Aaron and I were always there for him and made sure he never missed out on anything in his life.

Anyway I imagined Daniel sitting on a cloud watching from above and in some way I am sure that's were he would have been.

The display was excellent with a huge bonfire to keep us all warm. We stayed for some time before heading back as the boys had school the next day.

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