Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shrewsbury Town Ghost Tour Nov 08

It was a misty evening as we all met at the Music Hall in Shrewsbury for the start of our ghost walk and tour of Shrewsbury Town Centre.

The first tale was about the pub nearby called the Hole In The Wall. It is said during the 80`s after renovation work the staff settled down for an after work drink, One of the bar staff a young girl suddenly leaped up screamed and ran away. An older lady followed her. She told how she had seen a young girl appear then walk through an old arch way that had been unearthed during renovation.

The tale went on to tell of a sad tale of a young girl who fell in love with a man her family disapproved of. The girl continued to see the man after her family had forbidden there love. When they found out she was locked in the cellar of the building and sadly staved to death.

We moved on to an old church yard in the centre of Shrewsbury. It is said the devil has climbed to the top of the steeple and looked over to The Stiperstones.

Shropshire Devil Chair. If there is someone sitting on the chair thunder and lightening strikes over Shrewsbury.

The tales went on we were told of the steeplejack who climbed the steeple and fell to his death. Another told of a ghostly figure who walks from the church yard across the street to the shops opposite. The tall gentleman watches the staff before walking through the wall at the back of the shop. The staff feel he is watching checking up on their work.

We moved on to the Prince Rupert Hotel. The hotel dates back century's. Staff tell of ghostly goings on. Guests have claimed to see the figure of an old man looking lost in the hall way holding a candle he wanders along before disappearing through the wall. One guest spent the night in the bar after seeing the figure refusing to go back to his room. Another story tell the tale of a groom jilted at the alter by his bride, he is said to roam the rooms looking for his bride.

We moved on to near where the old post office is a old medieval soldier is said to haunt the building. Opposite is the home of WHS the store room below the main floor is said to have paranormal happenings. Cold feelings when staff are down there at time. Face are also seen in the upper windows of the buildings. The top part used to be a ball room and the ghostly figures return now and then to where they was used to dance.

Next stop was near to the library, A group of houses stand in a court yard. This area was said to have been a prison in the past possible for children. A resident claims to have felt a presence in a flat they have on site.

We move on to were the council house is near to the castle. Further up the road is were a new dentist has opened up. Receptionists have hear ed noises from the waiting room when no one is there.

The council house a very old black and white building was was own by a lady from the Netherlands her parents fell ill back over seas. The Lady's sister in law came to look after here children and the dog whilst she went abroad. On her return the sister in law said to the lady why didn't you tell me about the other. What do you mean said the lady. The cavalier soldier that walks the top floor she said. Oh him he is just one of the family. She went on to say when we first moved in I just told him we will just have to share this house and that's what we do. No and then she said I just go up and talk to him. Strange but true.

We walked on to the site of the old Shrewsbury hospital. The old hospital is now the site of a range of shops and flats above. The shops they say are the home of a ghostly matron and a range of doctors and patients.
We then walked to a group of shops that were very close together. During early July late June a smell of smoke fills the air around and inside some of the shops. Shop assistants check in case of fire. When looked into it was found the shop on the corner had caught fire a very long time ago. On the top floor of the 3 storey building 3 small children sadly lost their lives in the fire.

We walked on towards Wyle Cop. A tale told of a lady who sadly got run down near her home she is said to haunt the small black + white building leading down the Wyle Cop.

We walked on to the Lion Hotel an old lady in Victorian dress is said to walk the stairways and the ballroom.

The Nags Head Pub was next. A tale was told of madness. Travellers who stayed within the building on the top floor went mad. After looking into a picture on a wardrobe door. Many died throwing themselves from the building. A young girl jumped and fell to her death then being crushed under the wheels of horse. and cart passing through the town. The room is now sealed off.
We walked on back up Wyle Cop towards thw music hall, first stopping at an old church. An old vagrant is said to have passed away on night inside the church yard walls. After trying to find relatives to no avail the vagrant was quickly buried in the church yard. Passes by complained that on walking by in the evening noises and screaming could be heard coming from the church yard. The grave was opened. They found the poor man had been buried alive ad had try ed to claw his way out of his coffin. He had been buried alive.

We headed back to Shrewsbury Music Hall.
This concludes our Ghostly Tour Of Shrewsbury. Well worth a trip. Link below

Before heading home we headed for a bargain bucket at KFC.

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