Sunday, May 27, 2012

Herman The German ( Friendship Cake )

It was a Friday Night when Jo a friend from school gave me a call and asked if we would look after Herman for 10 days. Of course it was fine by me. I told Aaron, Herman the German was coming to stay, he was a little bit excited and a bit suspicious. He thought he would be looking after a little fluffy hamster for a few days. His face was a picture when I handed him a bubbling gluey mess in a tub. It was so funny. I gave him the instructions which he followed over the next 10 days.
Eventually after stirring, feeding Herman grew in size enough to share out with two other people. We gave one to Helen for my god children and one to Angie our neighbour for her children. Angie is a good friend, Herman if he survives and grows enough to share,will them start his journey around the village of Llanstanffriaid.
Herman the German has been a fun project for us and we wish him well on his next journeys. The rest of our Herman is now a lovely lushes fruit cake.
Aaron made the cake himself, he is a keen cook able to turn his hand to many recipes and meals. Thanks my sugar lump for making breakfast Saturday morning it was lush bacon, eggs and cheese on toast.

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