Saturday, May 26, 2012


Aaron has done excellent this month achieving his purple Karate belt and also his Shark 3 in Lifesaving swimming. He has also done a short first aid course with the Army Cadets and is looking forward to the next set of training camps with the army. He went for a weekend a few weeks ago which tested the stamina as it was cold weather. The cadets hiked fully kitted out many miles in wet weather. Aaron is looking forward to the summer camps that will open up many training avenues for him. As soon as he is old enough he will be able to start his Duke of Edinburgh Awards. I am so excited about this for him it s something I would have loved to do. 
Aaron`s school report was excellent this year and next year is a very important year for him as he will be able to chose his options which will be the starting point of his career as he grows up into adulthood. Aaron has dipped slightly recently due to the pressure he is under at the moment but he will soon be back on top. It will soon be over so he can get on with his life. 
Considering all he has been through, Aaron has done so very well for himself. I am a very proud mum to this young man.
 Aaron knows what does not kill you makes you much stronger. Aaron is a very strong young man with a mind of his own, he has rights and choices,  his voice will soon be heard loudly. 
Keep up the good work  young man  we all love you very much xxxx

Purple Karate Belt 

Life Saving  Course  Well Done 

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