Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walk On The Wild Side : Mr Jingles

As a family we love to walk especially on a beautiful day. Walking keeps you fit and healthy and also keeps the stresses of the day away. On our local walks we do not just take the dogs Reg and Fred we also take an extra four legged creature Mr Jiminey Jingles our miniature stallion. Recently at a car boot sale I managed to pick up a lovely in hand head collar for Jingles he looks so smart on his walks now. I still have to plate his mane over the top of the head collar to keep it on. He is now an aged stallion at the grand age of 19 yrs old. He has a huge crest which falls to right of his neck. As he is ageing from his whiters to his forelock is now arched so there is no way a head collar will stay on his head he can easily shake the off. Naughty Boy ! Mr Jingle is a joy to have as part of our family.
Taking Mr Jingles out brings a smile to lots of face. Mr Jingles is a real character and ever so cheeky. He loves to roll around on the ground as you can see by the photo`s upon this page. 
The dogs also love to walk, excitement fills the air as soon as they get a hint of their leads coming out. 
Sadly Fred is now the grand old age of 14 yrs old he is still full of life raring to go on his walks. Fred is now nearly completely blind. He manages to maneuver around our home with ease but at times does tend to bump into things. He has started to listen to voice commands more and had picked up a few words such as stop. If we say stop this means he is associating it with caution. I also have a set of bells which we carry along. Fred is able to go off his lead Reg guides him sometimes, but best of all he can hear the jingles of the bells so he knows were we are. Fred is still really good for his age. We intend to keep him as fit as possible  with walks. 
We all enjoy our walks it brings fresh air into the lungs and relaxes you totally. We all also enjoy looking at the beautiful flower, wildlife and everything nature has to offer. Walking in the Valleys of the beautiful Tanat Valley.  

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