Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Visiting Miami was a wonderful experience. The views around us were quite spectacular. Huge building and a beautiful harbour with some stunning boats. We had lunch at a restaurant on the quay side, then explored the expensive shops. We found the Buba Gump shop were we all bought a T - Shirt. Miami is the home of the stars, we took a boat trip which took us to Star Island. Star Island is named after the stars. The reason it is called Star Island is because  one after another you can see clearly the mansions owned by the stars. These mansions are absolutely stunning set in the backdrop of the water with boats moored outside. The mansions of the stars are set in the most beautiful surroundings with stunning gardens, the architect work is truly wonderful, they sell for millions of dollars. We sailed past the homes of stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Will Smith, Gloria Esterfan, Dr Frost ( inventor of Viagra, Aaron found this highly amusing ) Puff Daddy, plus lots more. Whilst there we also took a trip down to the famous Miami Beach. With white sand which went on for miles. Visiting Miami was a wonderful experience especially for Aaron. Hope you like the photographs. 

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