Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Twiggys

After months of waiting the baby twiggy s  started to pop like popcorn when they started to hatch. This little creatures are fascinating to watch. They hatch from tiny eggs as seen below and come out no longer than a small finger nail, many have the eggs still attached as seen below some here are an hour or so old. 
After we collected quite a few from the box of eggs. We then passed them on to a friend on the Wirral, Graham. Its great to be back in touch with all my old friends. Graham now has the rest of the eggs,and quite a few babies. Graham and his wife Kelcie are thrilled to have some baby sticks it made there little boys day. We were so pleased to make a little boy happy :-) .
Some of the older babies are now in the big tank with there mummies and daddies. Sadly we only have 4 of the big stick insects left as they only have about a 6 -9 mths life span. The big boys have lasted extremely well and love to be handled. 
If anyone would like to own some of these fascinating creatures please done hesitate to contact us as I am sure we will have a future set of baby twiggy`s  soon.

Just Hatched with his egg still attached 


new babies with the eggs

tiny stick insect eggs 

baby sticks with some slightly  older ones

tiny twiggys

ready to go in with there mummies and daddies 

bug hunt

moving house 

new hatch-ling 

munching the ivy

babies R Us 

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