Sunday, September 27, 2009

Operation Commando Hafren Forest Llanidloes Sept 09

This weekend Aaron went on a trip with the Montgomeryshire Scout`s. All the Montgomeryshire scouts met up in the Hafren Forest Near Llanidloes for Operation Commando.
The scouts had a strict kit list and were split into teams. They set off through the forest having to reach check points on the way.
The object of the exercise is to complete the whole route whilst avoiding being caught by the enemy agents. The agents were patrolling most of the area, but there were some safe area`s which were defined on the map the scouts had to follow.
It was a bit scary knowing your child was out in the middle of a large forest with only a small group of children his own age. The good news was there were teams of friendly forces monitoring the children as they progressed through the forest.
Aaron had a great time and came home after 6pm very smelly. It was straight in the shower for him and a good wash.
Aaron team completed the task with the quickest time. Aaron was the navigator map reader. To learn more about the scouts click link below.

Whilst Aaron was out for the day. It was time for me to catch up on some paperwork and rest a little like the doctor has ordered. I caught up on some college work as i have just started a new course which will take me over 3 yrs to complete in all. I am working towards a diploma and in a few short weeks will have completed my OCN level 1 after a short break the level 2 course starts which again takes a few short weeks to complete. there is another long break before the next stage starts luckily, which will work well within my schedule.
In the past I have enjoyed training towards my career working with children obtaining a number of qualifications along the way. Luckily people living in Wales are encouraged to further there career`s as ILP Wales offers to pay for the courses so they don't cost a penny.
Hopefully this course will help me for the future as in the past I have enjoyed working with children with personal and behavioural difficulties. I want to help them further by fostering and working with children with problems again. Although it is hard seeing children with problems it also is a great reward for the carer to know they are able to help them with there future.
Also over the weekend Aaron changed his bedroom around. After finding lots of football stuff at the car boot it was out with the old and in with the new. Aaron had a fine time cleaning out his bedroom. Looks like I will be busy on Ebay this week. We are also having a mass clear out as we will be hopefully moving house within the near future. Watch this space and Clutter Chaos for a bargain.

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