Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drayton Manor Park & Zoo Sept 09

A lovely end of summer weekend saw us heading off to Drayton Manor Park & Zoo. After school had finished we headed up the motorway to Tamworth. After the tragic recent events again to hit our lives it was time for a well earned treat.

We set up camp under a nice big tree, to give us some shelter from the September sun. we ventured off for a walk around the site before settling down to cocoa and playing with the DS.

We were up early the next morning. Firstly cooking breakfast on the camp stove. Aaron tucked into a sausage sandwich.

As soon as the park opened, we wandered in. It was to early for the rides. We were able to have a good look around the animals. The white cat above I remember from years ago. The animals were all active after there breakfast so we were able to have a good luck at them.

The penguins were brilliant to watch. One penguin swam up and down very fast jumping in and out of the water. The goats and sheep were also very inquisitive, coming over for a stroke and a fuss.

We walked around the paddock enclosures seeing the ostrich, emu`s, reindeer and deer.

Once we had finished our zoo tour it was time for the rides to open.

Aaron was getting excited by this time, he pulled me along eager to get on the rides. Drayton Manor has always been a favourite for us although as we walk around there are many feelings of mixed emotions. We have had many happy times at this park with our beloved Daniel but also many sad time due to the actions of other people.

We went on many rides today including the flying Dutchman, drunken barrels, the buffalo coaster, Mexican hats and the haunting house. These are based in the Aerial Park.

( Aaron spinning on the drunken barrels ) I couldn't move for 5 minutes after this one

Moving on we entered Fisherman's wharf. This is our favourite part of the park. Here we went on The Bounty a huge swing boat that goes vertical. We went on this 4 - 5 times in all.

Next was Storm Force 10. This has to be the best log flume in the country. The drops are terrific. The boat climbs at one point and turns backwards sending us flying down the slope in reverse. Well we got soaked to the skin as the wave from behind engulfed the boat. the boat them climbs to the most horrifying point and shoots down a double bumpy slope again soaking you at the bottom. The swing boat and storm force 10are defiantly our favourite rides.

Stopping to go in the 4D cinema.
Here we watched a horror show with a difference. The short movie was in 4D. With the help of the glasses the things on the screen shot out at you from all angel. There were also extra added effects as the seats moved and there were special effects form all over the place as we were splashed with water and felt the rush of the racing rats pass under your feet. This is a new ride with a difference.
Other rides we went on were Excalibur, pirate adventure, river rapids and the buccaneer.
Next stop was late afternoon lunch time had passed so quickly.
After lunch we headed into Thomas Land. I find this part of the park very challenging. This part of the park was only built just after Daniel died. Daniel loved his visit`s to Drayton Manor over the years like Aaron he enjoyed all the rides. Daniel would have loved Thomas Land unfortunately he never got to see it. I coped well to start with as Aaron went on some of the rides.Then looking at Aaron's face and the sadness in his eyes the tears began to flow.
An Irish grandmother thankfully came to my rescue. Aaron carried on going on the rides as she sat me down and brought me a nice cup of tea. She was a very nice lady and spoke out in a way that took me by surprise.
She said two boys sit on your shoulder they are here with you. I never mentioned Callum to her so was fairly shocked at this point.
She held my hand and went on to talk about many parts of my life from the past to present to the future. She new so much about what has happened to me and told me so many things not just about me but also others.
When I was feeling better she shook my hand and went on with her evening. Leaving me feeling a sense of peace. I passed on the messages she had requested even though I didn't want to.
Aaron and I continued are journey around the park I was even able to go on the runaway trucks with Aaron. Daniel loved the roller coasters often going ballistic as they went faster and faster.
As for my experience with the mystic lady. She new things that only someone in touch with the spirit world would no. I have had a similar experience like this before in Blackpool September 2007 when a gypsy stopped me whilst walking along the golden mile. She said I wouldn't have Daniel forever I thought she meant he would grow up and be as independent as he would have been able sadly she was right he died just over 3 mths later.
This type of person seems to come to me in my time of need.
As it got dark we headed back to the camper.
Sunday saw us heading to the car boots and to the swimming pool. Aaron practised his life saving skills as he is on a course. I did an 800 metre swim 34 length in all.
The weekend was pleasant even though it was tinged with such sadness.

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